Nidhi and Nigel Gayner

Wedi ymuno â'r Oriel Enwogion: 25th July 2017
Llwybr wedi ei Gwblhau: 2nd August 2014

My wife had never tackled a long-distance trail so what better than to attempt Offa's Dyke?  Reading many reports it seems that most favour the south to north route but, preferring to cover the high level stuff early, we took the Prestatyn to Chepstow route.

I won't detail where we stayed on the way as I can't be sure that after all these years the facilities are still available.

However, we completed the full distance and my wife Nidhi was ecstatic to arrive at the Severn Estuary marker stone.

The gave us the taste for trail walking and we have done several others since Offa's Dyke, so it was a great introduction, and won't be the last.

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