The atmospheric views on the Hadrian's Wall Path

Roman Stones Cottage

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Roman Stones Cottage, Wall, NE46 4EB
Tracey Reed

If you only have a day or two to visit the Roman Wall, or you have a bit longer, but don't necessarily want to be tied to walking a specified distance each day, then having a single base to operate from, which is on the route of the AD122 Shuttle Bus, is a practical solution - which is what we're able to offer at Roman Stones.

Roman Stones - As the name suggests, is a stone cottage dating back to the C18th, built using stones from the Roman Wall, in the small village that was given the name 'Wall' because of its location and the material that was used to construct it.

Double, Twin (or Double) & Single


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Entry last updated: 04/04/2018

A Logburning Stove in Roman Stones Cottage, Wall
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