Peter Cogle

Wedi ymuno â'r Oriel Enwogion: 12th October 2017
Llwybr wedi ei Gwblhau: 7th October 2017

This was my second National Trail through this beautiful part of the world and, as before, I received a warm welcome from all the folk I met. This year, the weather in Wales through the Summer and Autumn has been very wet, and this was reflected in the conditions I experienced. I started the walk on September 14, but found my boots were not up to the task, so I had to break my walk to buy new boots.


Unlike other National Trails, this is a quiet walk … in the 9 days it took me to complete, I didn't meet another walker, and as a result, the trail isn't as worn or as easy to follow as other trails. I camped throughout, spending 4 nights in camp sites, and 4 nights wild camping. There are many opportunities to wild camp in the hills with little risk of disturbance. I have spent many nights under the stars, but my view of the night sky from the top of a remote Welsh hill literally took my breath away. There was little light pollution which left a spectacular view, and that is my overriding memory of the holiday.


The National Trails web site recommends starting the walk in Knighton, and finishing in Welshpool, and I agree. I walked from Knighton to Machynlleth, and then from Welshpool to Machynlleth, and found the trail much harder to follow in the reverse direction. The placement of the way markers favours a clockwise walk.


If you are looking for remote(ish) countryside, beautiful views, spectacular night skies, a few ups/downs, and a warm welcome, then I can thoroughly recommend Glendwrs Way.

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